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At Dog Day Afternoon we believe that nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and a long, happy life. That is why we carry only the best pet foods available and seek to educate our clientele so that they are able to decide which products work best for their pet and their lifestyle. Mainstream pet foods found at your local supermarkets and larger corporate pet stores are often packaged with preservatives, artificial coloring, animal by-products, and fillers that lack any nutritional value. These additives can be harmful, manifesting in your dog or cat as skin allergies, ear infections, and even digestive upset. 

Here we offer several healthier alternatives, with an emphasis on natural, simple ingredients and a ‘back to basics’ approach to your pet’s diet. We find that when it comes to pet food, less is more! Choose from our great selection of grain-free foods, which can eliminate unnecessary carbohydrates, reduce allergen sensitivities, and provide key proteins specially formulated for your pet’s lifestyle. Or try our healthiest option yet and go raw! We proudly carry a variety of raw, frozen grain-free foods, supplemented with natural fruits and vegetables designed for a perfect balance of nutrition. 

Also available at Dog Day Afternoon is an assortment of supplemental oils, vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics that can be added to your pet’s daily feeding routine to help with skin and coat conditions, digestion, joint health, and overall well-being. Eat well, live well, and feed with love!

Senior Pet Nutrition

When a cherished animal gets older, their eating habits and dietary requirements can adjust too. As a general guideline, animals are regarded as elderly when they've arrived at one-half of their expectation of life. If a senior animals' exercise and metabolic levels decline, it may be time to decrease their caloric consumption to help prevent obesity as the extra weight is just as unhealthy for animals as it is for people.

Puppy and Kitten Animal Nutrition

Puppies and kittens necessitate suitable nutrients and calories in order to help them grow. That being said, the very same strategy that works for a smaller breed puppy, such as a Maltese, would not be ideal for a large breed, such as a Rottweiler.

Nutrition for Working Dogs

Stage show and working dogs have special dietary needs. Generally, working dogs are larger breeds such as an Akita, a Mastiff, or a Newfoundland that are specifically bred to perform tasks like sledding or herding. To perform their best, these dogs need a high-performance pet food that helps keep them working at top productivity. Depending on the amount of work, working dogs may require 1.5 to 2.5 times the volume of food as a sedentary pet, and if the dogs are doing work in high conditions, the volume of food needed increases even more.

Nutrition for Pregnant/ Nursing Dogs

First-rate nutrition sets the stage for a thriving breeding and pregnancy. Maintaining nutrition and bodyweight before, during the course of, and after pregnancy is essential to the wellness of the momma dog and her young pups. Malnourishment caused by inadequate nutrient consumption can lead to miscarriages or health problems. While lactating, energy needs increase and are directly proportional to milk generation, which subsequently is directly corresponding to the number of nursing pups.

Giant Breed Animal Nutrition

Large breeds such as Mastiffs and Great Danes have unique nutritional requirements. Large dog breeds necessitate well-defined amounts of essential nutrients to fulfill their growth requirements. Large breed puppies need a food produced to ensure proper bone and muscle development and the right amount of energy so they can develop to their optimal growth potential without developmental concerns.

Cat Nutrition

Cat nutrition is closely connected to overall wellness, and a cat's diet can even help improve a variety of issues including common allergies, hyperparathyroidism, and food intolerances. Obesity is also a growing issue and overweight cats are at risk for a whole multitude of problems such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, breathing problems, renal disease, heart disease, and a life expectancy lessened by as much as 20%. Kitties are obligate carnivores which means that the best diet for cats is one high in protein and low in carbohydrates. No matter if your cat is dealing with a weight problem or requires a unique diet in conjunction with healthcare maintenance and treatment, our staff will counsel you on the various nutritional options that are available to cat parents. Don't be reluctant to get in touch with us if you have any questions about finding the purrrrrrfect cat diet.

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