In honor of our new arrival of Stella & Chewy’s frozen food, we would like to take a moment to discuss the benefits of feeding your dog or cat (or both!) an all natural raw diet.

First, let us formally introduce one of our favorite companies, Stella & Chewy’s! In 1997, Marie Moody, Founder and President, adopted her dog Stella from a shelter in California. A year later, seeking to bring home a companion for Stella, she went back and adopted another lovable mutt named Chewy. Unfortunately, Moody quickly realized that Chewy was very ill, and under a veterinarian’s recommendations she began preparing holistic meals in her own kitchen for both of her dogs. Seeing the health benefits that this raw, natural diet provided, she continued to feed it to her pets even after Chewy had made a complete recovery.

In 2002, Marie Moody began collaborating with animal nutritionists at the University of Wisconsin to produce a whole, well rounded meal comprised simply of meat, fruits and vegetables for a perfect nutritional balance. In just a little over a year, Stella & Chewy’s Foods became available for purchase, thus introducing a wonderful product to a nationwide community of caring pet owners. To this day, Stella & Chewy’s facilities remain in Wisconsin. Their product line has expanded to provide a great variety of healthy food, available in patty form, both freeze-dried and frozen. Their excellent standards shine, and their commitment to above-and-beyond quality is obvious in every package.

Q & A

Why should I feed a raw diet?

Plain and simple, dogs and cats are born carnivores with a digestive system designed–teeth to tail–for the consumption of raw meat. When it comes to a ‘back to basics’ approach to our pets’ diets, it doesn’t get any more natural than this. Proven to eliminate allergies, help maintain proper weight, improve skin and coat, and strengthen the immune system, a raw diet is by far the healthiest alternative.

In addition to this being the most natural option, it is also the most rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Where dry kibble, and even canned food, loses much of its nutrients during the cooking process, Stella & Chewy’s nutrients remain intact and ready to be metabolized naturally and completely.

What’s in it?

Composed primarily of fresh meat, organs, and bone, the freeze-dried and frozen patties are formulated to be a 100% complete and balanced diet, supplemented with certified organic fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Variety is essential, so Stella & Chewy’s meats come from beef, lamb, chicken, goose, duck, fish, venison, rabbit, pheasant, and turkey–depending on the proteins best suited to your pet’s pallet and dietary needs. The livestock is all grass-fed, the fowl all cage-free, and the fish wild-caught to ensure only the highest quality, natural substance. And of course, Stella and Chewy’s patties are free of all grains and gluten!

Is it safe?

It is a general misconception that ingesting bacterial such a salmonella and e. coli could be harmful to our pets, but dogs and cats are naturally suited to safely consume many organisms that may otherwise be dangerous for people to eat. Nevertheless, Stella & Chewy’s provide peace of mind by putting their raw foods through an innovative process called Hydrostatic High Pressure. With this technology, bacteria is eliminated without the use of heat or irradiation, making it completely safe to handle. Each batch is then tested for bacteria at an independent laboratory before it is shipped out. If a customer has any questions about the safety or quality of their purchase, the lab results for every batch are listed on Stella & Chewy’s website, matched with the batch number readily listed on the back of their package.

Which is better? Freeze-Dried or Frozen?

Both the freeze-dried and the frozen patties are 100% complete and balanced, and the decision on which is better could be based solely on personal preferences. The frozen food is already constituted with water, and when feeding as a main diet may be more easily accessible; other than thawing, there is no preparation required. On the other hand, since freeze-dried patties need no refrigeration, they are easy to transport and store, boasting all the conveniences of dry food. Freeze-dried raw foods seem to be more palatable to most pets, and is often considered a ‘gateway’ to feeding frozen raw. So if your pet turns its nose up to a thawed patty, try a freeze-dried one instead. Soon, you will be able to add water for reconstitution, and eventually you may have a frozen-loving fido!

Can I supplement with raw foods?

Absolutely! “Some raw food is better than none!” is a Stella & Chewy’s philosophy, so if your pet has a preference for kibble or canned, a broken up patty on top of his or her meal will provide a valuable boost in nutrition and their natural dietary needs will still be fulfilled. Crumbled freeze-dried food also makes an excellent, healthy treat, for training or just for fun! Just remember, if you give your pet a whole patty worth of treats over the course of the day, you may want to lower the amount of regular food you feed.

Is a raw diet suitable for cats, too?

Yes! Stella & Chewy’s wouldn’t dare discount our fabulous feline friends! They provide a great selection of freeze-dried raw foods just for cats, boasting the same quality ingredients for a wholesome and complete diet–an excellent means of weight management and energy boosting!

We, at Dog Day Afternoon, are very excited to provide such fine dining! If you have any more questions regarding Stella & Chewy’s raw foods, please give us a call or stop by for some samples!